Alright, folks, let’s talk about your Google Business Profile (GBP, formerly known as Google My Business). It’s like having a free billboard on Google, shouting out, “Hey, Baltimore, check out this awesome business!” And who wouldn’t want that kind of exposure?

Why Your Google Business Profile is a Big Deal

Having a souped-up GBP is like having a secret weapon for your local business:

  • Get Seen Locally: Your GBP helps you pop up in local search results, the little map box, and even Google Maps when folks in Baltimore are looking for what you offer.
  • Make It Easy for Customers: All the deets – address, hours, phone number, website – are right there for your potential customers. Super convenient for them, super helpful for you!
  • Build Trust: Think of it like word-of-mouth online. Positive reviews and high ratings show others that you’re reliable and worth checking out.
  • Know Your Numbers: Hook it up with GA4 (Google Analytics 4) to see how many folks are finding you through Google. Pretty neat, huh?

How to Make Your Google Business Profile Sing

  1. Claim & Verify: If you haven’t already, claim your GBP listing and make sure Google knows it’s legit.
  2. Fill It Out: Don’t leave anything blank! Add your business name, address, phone number (make sure it’s the same everywhere online!), a snappy description of what you do, and pick categories that fit your biz. Throw in some awesome photos and videos too!
  3. Reviews = Gold: Ask happy customers to leave you a glowing review. And even if you get a not-so-great one, respond politely and professionally.
  4. Keep It Fresh: Share updates, deals, or events happening at your business. Keep things interesting!
  5. Check the Stats: See how people are finding you and what they’re looking for. This helps you know what’s working (and what’s not).

Bonus Tips to Level Up Your GBP

  • Show Off What You Sell: Add your products or services with nice pics and descriptions.
  • Let’s Chat: Enable messaging so folks can easily reach out.
  • Q&A Time: Answer common questions people might have about your business right on your profile.
  • Keywords are Key: Use words and phrases people are searching for, like “best crab cakes in Baltimore” or “[your product/service] Baltimore.” (But don’t overdo it!)

Need a Helping Hand?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Raven SEO is here to help you make your Google Business Profile shine! We’re your local SEO pros, and we love seeing Baltimore businesses thrive. Give us a shout – we’re happy to chat about how we can help!